Tuesday, 7 March 2017

How white label travel portal Has Been Helping Travel Agents to Grow business

It has been 5 years and since the day of inception, whitelabeltravelportal.com has come into market with the vision to let others grow in business with their help. whitelabeltravelportal.com provides travel technologies to their clients. In old times it was practiced that for a long tour one needed to visit the travel agent’s office and then the travel agent would go to airport or railway station to make the bookings. But with advancement in technology and everything going online, travel portals have come into market and have been immediate favorites of people. But the travel companies or rather the travel agents who have not been able to cope with the change and adapt to the advancement in technology feel left out and their business suffer losses. whitelabeltravelportal.com helps all of them to be a part of the modern race and grow their business amazingly.

Till date, whitelabeltravelportal.com has handled over thousands of projects serving 1000+ clients who are all travel agents or people related with the travel agency business. They have all been immensely benefited from the service provided by whitelabeltravelportal.com since the quality of product is unmatchable to any other in the market.  whitelabeltravelportal.com has provided end to end online business services and helped the clients to set up their business and provide them all sorts of support onsite, offsite and online. Be it developing customized online travel portal or integrating third party XML or API based service, whitelabeltravelportal.com is an expert in all fields. They have given shape to some of the best and most complex projects lending it a new dimension.

whitelabeltravelportal.com has an excellent workforce at their disposal who always aims to help out the travel agents who seek their services. Over the years the numerous products developed by whitelabeltravelportal.com have helped these travel agents give a new look to their websites and bring forth a change in their business. They have seen growth in profit and gained popularity among their customers. These online portals not only help them fetch better business but also make their work smoother, secure and easier. Since everything is going online and therefore data is stored in server therefore there is very thin chance that any data may get lost. Also, it becomes possible for them to attend to more and more customers because they can handle business with a few clicks which saves a lot of time and makes transaction easier. Just a few clicks and all they want are done in seconds.

whitelabeltravelportal.com has provided service for hotel booking portal, bus booking portal, car API integration, payment gateway integration and many more. With time being a scare thing, many people find it easier and more hassle free if they can reach the travel agents online without having to spare any extra time. This means huge growth in business if you have a working online travel portal and in most cases it is from whitelabeltravelportal.com.

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