Thursday, 16 February 2017

Get Best Travel Portal Development with User Friendly Travel Website Design

In today’s world, there are a gazillion sites available which eases the hassle of booking, reserving and confirming flight tickets, railway booking and hotel bookings. Travel companies have now realized the fact that most of their customer base are frequent travelers and are constantly on the move. Making such tickets available at physical locations not only makes it inconvenient for the customer but also hampers customer satisfaction. In the age of technology and connectivity, customers believe that services provided at the convenience of their doorsteps, and sometimes even at their homes, is the best service. Today, every service you name for is available on the net like from shopping, to ordering food. Then why should travel be excluded from the World Wide Web. This lead to companies developing a various number of websites, known as Travel search engines, to book tickets and confirm them.

Important features of the travel portal development
Travel portals are websites that provide booking facilities to end users i.e. customers. Some of the main features included in a travel portal are:

  •     Air ticket booking – For both, domestic as well as international airlines.
  •     Hotel Bookings – For Hotel within the country and Overseas.
  •     Bus Booking – Used for booking bus tickets throughout the country.
  •     Car Booking – You can now rent a Car online using travel portals.
  •     Package and Itineraries – Select the Holiday of your choice and the travel company will do the   rest!

Travel technology companies specialize in building travel portals, and are now available for aspiring travel agencies and companies within Delhi. Travel and tourism is a rapidly growing industry in India, and the growth of this industry has exponentially increased since the past few years. This makes it extremely essential to make these services online in a user-friendly and a crisp and clear manner. Apart from travel services, Travel Website Design Company also provides travel portal consultancy service. They also provide tailor-made travel portals to our business clients and customers.

Such companies provide customized and completely optimal portal development services. The costing provided by the company is also low and is based upon the tools and accessories added by you on the portal.  They provided a good quality distribution mechanism for the travel portals with an easy graphic user interface. An added feature that is now very commonly seen in travel portals is the comparison between different companies with regards to airfare, rail booking and hotel packages. This makes it easy for the customers to select packages according to their budgets, thus giving them convenience at their fingerprints and an edge to the travel companies, over their competitors. Agents and Sub-agencies using the portal will have access to options such as soft recharge, which is normally governed by a distributor that is normally created by the portal.

We offer a range of travel and tourism features in our travel products. Apart from it we also provide additional services like SMS, payment gateways, Forex, Vouchers, confirmation slips, new business guides, and travel tips.
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